The Gordon Bell Prize 2013 is awarded to a team of Scientists from Switzerland, Germany and the U.S who have set a new supercomputing simulation record in fluid dynamics by reaching 14.4 Petaflops of sustained. Member of the team is Alessandro Curioni from IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, who studied at Scuola Normale from 1986 to 1991. The Gordon Bell Prize is awarded each year to recognize outstanding achievement in high-performance computing. The purpose of the award is to track the progress over time of parallel computing, with particular emphasis on rewarding innovation in applying high-performance computing to applications in science, engineering, and large-scale data analytics. Prizes may be awarded for peak performance or special achievements in scalability and time-to-solution on important science and engineering problems. Financial support of the $10,000 award is provided by Gordon Bell, a pioneer in high-performance and parallel computing.

Pisa, 2 dicembre 2013