The Scuola Normale has published the call for applications for admission to the Undergraduate Course on academic year 2017-2018. There will be 60 places reserved for first-year candidates (28 in the Faculty of Humanities, 32 in the Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences), and 10 places for fourth-year candidates (4 in the Humanities and 6 in the Mathematical and Natural Sciences).
In addition, there will also be a selection for the access to two Master’s Degree courses offered by the Scuola Normale in collaboration with the University of Pisa – one in Neuroscience (5 places available) and one in Materials and Nanotechnology (6 places available) – for a total of 81 places available.

Candidates can apply online by registering on the dedicated website by 10 August. The only requisites are the possession of a valid qualification for the access to the chosen course (high school diploma for first-year candidates, Bachelor’s Degree for fourth-year candidates), and to be younger than 22 (for access to the first year) or 25 (for access to the fourth year). Please refer to the full text of the call.

The entry selection will be held in Pisa in the months of August and September, and it will consist of both oral and written tests on humanistic or scientific subjects, depending on the chosen field of study.

The stringent selection process is fundamental for maintaining a high academic level: candidates need to have a deep initial knowledge of the chosen field in order to be able to perform as requested by Scuola Normale in their later studies; students passing the examinations usually keep their status as a “normalista” for the entire duration of their cursus studiorum.


The evaluation for entrance does not include the grade obtained with the high school diploma for first-year candidates, nor the grade of the bachelor’s degree for those accessing to the fourth year; the same goes for any other certificate awarded previously