Press note of the Scuola Normale regarding the termination of service of Prof. Annalisa Pastore

Pisa, April 14, 2019. The article “Farewell to the Normale of the only science female professor”, in today’s la Repubblica newspaper, refers to the termination of service at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Professor Annalisa Pastore, which took place on Thursday 11 April. In the article, Professor Pastore claims to leave the Normale, in favour of King’s College in London, for reasons that leave us speechless.

Professor Pastore had held the position of Professor of Molecular Biology of the Faculty of Science since 1 November 2018, having won a competition for full-time full professor. As is known, full-time commitment regime for tenured professors does not allow for any other employment relationships in Italy or abroad. At the time of taking up her service, Prof. Pastore, from the University of Pavia (where she had a fixed-term contract), declared that she had no other employment contracts. On the basis of these elements the Scuola Normale must assume that Prof. Pastore has maintained in the last few months an exclusive working relationship with the Scuola Normale, so as not to incur violations of national legislation.

Recently, Prof. Pastore was asked to confirm the exclusivity of her working relationship with the Scuola Normale: these requests were answered with the prospect of passing to a fixed-term commitment regime. These requirements, possibly with a request for double affiliation (not requested at the time of taking up the service), could have been assessed by the competent bodies, if duly presented, in relation to the teaching and service requirements of the Scuola Normale. At the moment no member of the teaching staff of the Normale has a fixed-term contract with double affiliation.

It was when the Scuola asked her to clarify her previous commitment towards the SNS. that Prof. Pastore resigned.