La Normale e il dipartimento di Matematica dell’Università di Pisa organizzano 4 corsi di 4 lezioni ciascuno, dal 17 al 22 Ottobre.

School in Nonlinear Analysis and Calculus of Variations, October 17-22 Dedicated to Giovanni Prodi for his 80th birthday

Scuola Normale Superiore Università di Pisa, Dipartimento di Matematica L. Tonelli

October 17 – 20: four courses of four lessons of one hour and a half each:

A. ABBONDANDOLO AND P. MAJER, “The Morse complex for infinite dimensional manifolds”

G. SAVARÉ, “Gradient flows: a variational approach”

F. GIANNONI AND P. PICCIONE, “Orthogonal geodesic chords on Riemannian manifolds with concave boundary and applications”

J.M. MOREL AND S. SOLIMINI, “Branched transport structures, variational models”

October 21 – 22 (morning): talks by young researchers and some general lectures

Lessons and seminars will be held at the Centro De Giorgi, Aula Dini, Via del Castelletto 11

Applications must be addressed to the Organizing Secretary. People interested in giving a talk during the second part of the school should contact the Organizing Committee.

Staying expenses of up to 25 young participants can be covered by the organization: please contact the Organizing Secretary.

Scientific Committee: L. Ambrosio, V. Benci, G. Buttazzo, M. Degiovanni, D. Fortunato, A. Marino, B. Ruf, C. Saccon.

Organizing Committee: A. Marino (, C. Saccon (

Organizing Secretary: S. Guidotti, (

Supported by PRIN 2003: Topological and Variational Methods in the Study of Nonlinear Phenomena and PRIN 2004: Calculus of Variations