Once again a prestigious appointment for Prof. Umberto Zannier, Full Professor of Geometry at the Scuola Normale Superiore, as Princeton University chose him as speaker for the “Minerva Lecture Series“, consisting of three lectures held yearly at Princeton University since 2012 at the initiative of the Fernholz Foundation.

The lectures will take place on 13, 14 and 16 November and will cover the following subjects: “The games of Steiner and Poncelet and algebraic group schemes”, “Torsion values for sections in abelian schemes and the Betti map”, “Ambients for the Betti map and the question of its rank”.

In the past editions, the “Minerva Lecture Series” were held by such mathematicians as J-P Serre, Ian Agol, Terence Tao, Assaf Naor, Barry Mazur, and Maryam Mirzakhani.

This appointment by Princeton University is only one of a long list of invitations received by Prof. Zannier in these last years by the Fields Institute in Toronto, Columbia University, and Princeton Institute for Advanced Study.