The Meeting concludes the PRIN Project “Supersymmetry Breaking with Fields, Strings and Branes”, coordinated by Prof. Augusto Sagnotti of Scuola Normale.

PISA, 19 May 2023. During the period May 25 - 27, 2023 Scuola Normale will host the final Meeting of the PRIN Project “Supersymmetry Breaking with Fields, Strings and Branes”, whose Principal Investigator is professor Augusto Sagnotti of Scuola Normale, which includes research units from University Milano Bicocca, University of Padova and INFN-Milan and senior participants from University of Torino and INFN-Bologna.

The project is devoted to  supersymmetry breaking and to attempts to extend the Standard Model along directions leading to String Theory, and obtained an initial budget of about 650000 Euro from the Italian Ministry of Research.

Registered participants will be able to follow the event also online, at the Zoom link

Interested people can register on the webpage: