Umberto Zannier, ordinario di Geometria alla Scuola Normale

The next international workshop connected to the project Diophantine Problems (ERC Advanced Grant), coordinated by prof. Umberto Zannier, professor of Geometry at the Scuola Normale Superiore, will be held from the 27th to the 29th of May, at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. This will be a good opportunity for high level experts in mathematics (worldwide) to come together and discuss topics related to this research project in a fruitful and constructive manner.

As well as speakers such as the “Team Members” P. Corvaja (Udine) and D. Masser (Basel), also taking part will be scholars such as J. Pila (Oxford, plenary speaker at the last ICM in Seoul), P. Sarnak (Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, Wolf Prize 2014), E. Ullmo (Director of the famous Institut des Hautes ‘Etudes Scientifiques in Parigi), and other important mathematicians such as B. Klingler (Paris Diderot), A. Levin (Michigan), T. Scanlon (Berkeley), T. Tucker (Rochester), G. Wüstholz (ETH, Zürich), Shou-Wu Zhang (Princeton). During the workshop, seminars for experts as well as seminars for a younger audience will be held; the latter will have the opportunity for meetings which could reveal themselves important for their future.

Further details and a list of other participants may be found at the following address: 

The project focuses on some of the topics related to the Diophantine Problems, a central theme to the Theory of Numbers, which has, moreover, shown deep links with fundamental sectors of mathematics such as Algebra and Geometry. The activities of the ERC project – which will end in 2016 – are structured around the organization of initiatives such as coordination and refresher meetings among the members of the research group and the assignment of post-doc grants generally lasting 2 years.

In addition to Zannier, the scientific Committee consists of Enrico Arbarello (Università La Sapienza, Roma, among the major international experts in algebraic varieties) and Enrico Bombieri (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, the unic Italian so far honoured with  the Fields medal), who have both been Professors of the Scuola Normale in the past.

Pisa 20th April, 2015