The Green Pass, in electronic or paper format, must be shown to the porter's lodge staff on entering the SNS buildings.

02 September 2021. From 1st September 2021 until 31st December 2021, access to the buildings of the SNS will only be allowed to those showing a Covid-19 Green Pass. This is in line with the regulations introduced by Decree 111/2021, which concerns access to certain activities and services, including those of the universities. They must be followed by everyone:  internal personnel (lecturers, researchers and technical-administrative staff), students and those coming from outside the SNS, with the exception of those in possession of a certificate of exemption from the vaccination campaign.

The Green Pass, in electronic or paper format, must be shown at the porter's lodge on entering the SNS buildings, taking care to show only the QR Code (and not the whole certificate). If the verification of the validity of the Green Pass yields a positive result ("Valid certificate"), access will be allowed. In the event that the verification fails ("Invalid certificate"), access will be denied to the user; the same applies if a Green Pass is presented but its QR Code is not legible.

The Green Pass can be verified at the porter's lodges of the Palazzo della Carovana, Palazzo D’Ancona, Palazzo del Castelletto, Collegio Puteano, Complesso Polvani, Complesso di San Silvestro, Palazzo Strozzi and Palazzone di Cortona. For the Library, verification takes place at the entrance. The Green Pass must always be shown, except for the borrowing/returning of books at the entrance to the Library, or for returning/taking out material at the records office (Palazzo del Castelletto).The indications for the verification of the Green Pass are the subject of a specific Director's Decree.

The COVID-19 Green Pass, in the European Union the “EU Digital COVID Certificate”, is issued in Italy by the Ministry of Health in digital and printable format. It can be obtained after vaccination against COVID-19, with a negative result of the molecular/antigen test, or else upon recovering from COVID-19.