Dear Students and Visitors,

We are contacting you regarding the Coronavirus emergency.

Those of you who have already left Italy can ignore this message.

First of all, please note that the moment we are living is very peculiar and the situation is constantly evolving, so any information we give may become obsolete the following day.

We kindly ask all of you to let us know if you prefer to stay in Italy or to leave.

That said, for those of you who are still in Italy and do not wish or cannot leave:

1) The Scuola Normale is constantly working to make everyone as safe and assisted as possible

2) Please remember that you can refer to the same medical assistance offered to Italian students: Do not hesitate to contact a doctor if you need one in this particular moment

3)  We invite you to keep constantly informed by reading the news and all the emails sent by the SNS emergency email address, and by keeping in contact with your home institution and your Consulate.

4) The SNS canteen had to be closed temporarily but students living in SNS residences can still ask for lunch and dinner service

5) All the supermarkets and chemists are open and going there is allowed

For those of you who wish to leave the country:

1)    Please contact your home institution and your Consulate in order to check that your home country does not currently have any restrictions for people travelling from Italy.

2)    Please remember that, if you wish to do so, you can keep following SNS classes in remote and we will certificate all your activities on your Transcript of Records

3) Please inform the International Office of your decision

Remember that we are ready to help, even if not physically present in our office.

Best wishes,

The Staff of Internationalisation Office at SNS