Dear all,               PISA, 28 February

given the limitations that some countries are imposing on travellers from Italy and given that the situation is constantly evolving, we would like to point out that travelling abroad during this period could give rise to logistical problems. We therefore suggest, where possible, to postpone your travel.

The European Commission is also recommending to postpone / cancel non-essential trips to / from China and other areas considered to be at risk, as well as to request an extension of the projects where necessary.

The Research Office of the Scuola is in contact with APRE (agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea- the agency for the Promotion of European Research) regarding the possible accountability regarding  EU projects of costs for the extension / cancellation of missions due to Coronavirus. The APRE contact person of the Scuola will keep us informed on any developments that may occur from next week.

Finally, we inform you that, for missions relating to research projects, any additional costs due to well-proven causes of force majeure,  must in any case come from the research funds themselves, if permitted by the relevant management regulations.

If you have any queries please write to