Sunday, 8 March 2020

Dear students,

following the new Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers which entered into force today (we enclose the Prime Minister's Decree and a summary of ours), the evolution of the situation, as well as consultations with the Ministry of University, to contain the risk of contagion from coronavirus we recommend to all students who are still in Pisa and who have the opportunity to return home as soon as possible, within the next few days, by contacting their doctor.

Obviously, the students who are not in Pisa at the moment cannot return to the Colleges and it is necessary that they remain in the current places of residence or home, including of course those who currently live in the new red areas and for which there is one specific regulatory obligation.

For the return to Pisa, however, we will have to wait for the developments of the overall situation and, of course, the specific regulatory provisions.

For students who have a room in the Colleges and who decide not to return home, the Scuola Normale and the Scuola Sant'Anna ensure the continuation of the service even if the facilities of our Colleges do not allow (or if they allow it, with great effort and never with all the guarantees that are provided by the specific health structures) to adopt and implement all the measures that may become necessary in case of aggravation of the emergency situation or, even, of the presence of specific contagion situations within the Colleges .

And it is also for this reason that we ask you to return to your respective homes in order to allow us to use the colleges only for students who are not in a position to leave ensuring greater safety conditions.

In particular, we would like to reassure you that regarding the deadlines related to teaching - courses, exams, seminars, etc. - the same are all suspended and it will be the responsibility of the Schools, in agreement, where necessary, with the University of Pisa and with the University of Florence, to redefine the scheduling of the deadlines themselves.

We ask those who remain in boarding school to limit social contacts inside and outside the school and to maintain safety distances in the canteen and in all common areas.

Sabina Nuti e Luigi Ambrosio