Considering the latest regional ordinances and the Prime Minister's Decree of 11 June 2020, a new decree has been signed by the Director. The new Director’s decree replaces the previous Decree n. 225 of 13/05/2020. It describes the measures for the management of the emergency in Phase 3 at the Scuola Normale. 

The Decree contains several elements of detail and it is inevitably very long. It should therefore be noted that the attachments of a more general nature and of greater interest for the whole community are number 1 and number 17, which will soon be translated into English. 

The main changes are the following: 

- Operating procedures for the opening of the SNS library to the users for consultation of volumes; 

-Possibility to carry out teaching in blended mode and, even in the presence, exams, interviews, student reception; 

- Operating procedures for the opening of SNS canteen for the students of “corso ordinario” only; 

- Possibility of stay at the colleges for the students who can’t return to their homes; possibility of returning to colleges, with the prior authorization of the SNS Director, of students who need to attend the School for the achievement of the Bachelor's or Master's degree; notice regarding the college closing as usual on July 31, 2020;

- Update of the behavioral regulations for students residents in the colleges; 

- Provisions related to the switching off of the air conditioners in all the offices, meeting rooms, etc. with the exception of the utility rooms and other rooms possibly identified by the Prevention and Protection Service; 

- Obligation for anyone who accesses the SNS buildings to wear the mask only; instead of wearing plastic gloves, regular washing of hands with soap and water or the use of disinfectant gel is recommended; 

- Regulations for access to the SMART Laboratory and the Polvani building, in addition to that for the NEST Laboratory and the Biology Laboratory, which have been updated to current legislation.

Here the instructions on how to access SNS buildings, the management of symptomatic personnel (students resident in colleges are excluded), personal protective equipment (PPI) and personal hygiene precautions, according to paragraph 1 in Annex 12 to the Prime Minister’s Decree of 11 June 2020.

The Coronavirus Emergency Group