The new Director's Decree, based on the new national and regional regulations on Coronavirus, was published. In the new Decree some points regarding the previous measures adopted by the SNS, have been modified and updated. For your convenience, the points that have undergone the most substantial changes follow.



1. Notwithstanding the provisions of the current regulations (see, the SNS will consider anyone who is not lodging in their accommodation as having left their college and therefore their room will be closed. Therefore, students who intend to leave their college must ask the Director of the SNS for justified and prior authorization using the form available at the following link:; otherwise it will not be possible to return to their College before Easter.



1. As already communicated by the offices with specific e-mails sent to the Scuola Normale community regarding off-site study, research and internship activities in Italy and abroad to be activated individually by the students and submitted to the mobility commissions of the Faculties, all national mobility activities outside Tuscany are suspended at least until 15 February 2021 included. The latter may be extended as the regulatory provisions come into force.

2. Notwithstanding what stated in point 1. above, and also in consideration of the trend of the pandemic in progress, the spread of the new variants of the CoVID-19 coronavirus and the need to ensure maximum compliance with public health protection regulations also within the SNS, all non-essential travel is strongly discouraged at least until the end of the 2020/2021 academic year. In any case, such travel can be carried out only if the lecturer of reference states that the latter cannot be postponed and in any case only if in compliance with the national and regional regulations limiting freedom of movement, as well as with the provisions regarding circulation between states.

In any case, the SNS will not reimburse travel tickets and/or accommodation services purchased and not used; the parties concerned are therefore invited to take out specific insurance to cover the risk of cancellations or of impediments to departure or return due to changes in the provisions issued by individual states. In case of doubts regarding the protection measures to be adopted in relation to the specificities of the individual activity, it is necessary to ask for the support of the Prevention and Protection Service and the Medical Officer.

3. It is possible to submit to the Mobility Commissions requests for participation in conferences and summer and winter schools that take place remotely and which do not involve travel expenses but which only require a registration fee for which the students want to request a contribution.