Pisa, 17 January 2019. From today until the election of the new Director, Prof. Andrea Giardina, Deputy Director of the Scuola Normale, holds the highest institutional position for the ordinary administration, as envisaged by the Statute, and takes on the legal representation of the Scuola.

The letter from the Minister of Education, University and Research, arrived this morning, accepting the resignation of Prof. Vincenzo Barone from the position of Director of the Normale. Giardina, who is also a Dean, will have to announce the date for the election of the new Director within two months from today.

Professor Giardina is an academic of the Lincei, president of the Giunta centrale per gli studi storici (the central council for historical studies) and president of the Comité international des sciences historiques.

In 2013 he was awarded the gold medal from the Associazione italiana di cultura classica (the Italian Association of Classical Culture).