Pisa, January 16, 2019. The calls for the admission competition for the postgraduate courses of the Scuola Normale for the academic year 2019/2020 have been published. The Postgraduate course, equivalent to the PhD, is a highly qualifying course of study, which the Scuola Normale established for the first time in 1927 (the first in Italy).

67 places will be made available, divided between the various subject areas: in Pisa, 6 places for Classics, 6 for Physics, 6 for Mathematics, 5 for Methods and Models for Molecular Sciences, 6 for Nanoscience, 6 for Neuroscience; in Florence, 13 for Political Science and Sociology, 4 for Transnational Governance, for a total of 52 places (call). A further 6 places have been assigned with a subsequent call to the Postgraduate Course in Philosophy and 9 places to the Doctorate in Data Science in Pisa

Applications can be submitted, online, by February 28th. If the places are not all taken up, there will be a second competition session (applications by 29 August). Assessment will be carried out evaluating the qualifications and the research project presented by the candidates together with an exam. Application requirements: to have a master’s degree valid for the competition for PhD and to have been born after October 31, 1989.

For the academic year 2019-2020 the postgraduate scholarship is € 17,000, including an accommodation grant (students will also be entitled to free board).