The Scuola Normale has published the PhD call for the academic year 2016-2017. There are 91 places available, for a total of 11 PhD courses in Florence and Pisa. As always, the Scuola Normale PhD courses are open to all citizens with a degree, the candidates are selected according to the research project they present and an assessment of their skills. The scholarship is over 15 thousand euro: the Scuola also guarantees free board, free study and research activities off site, as well as the highest standards of training and research.

In Pisa the following courses are available: Cultures and Societies of Contemporary Europe (8 places), Cultures and Societies of Modern Europe (10 places), Philosophy (7 places), Sciences of antiquity (7 seats), Physics (8 places) Maths (6 places), Mathematics for finance (6 places), Methods and models for Molecular Sciences (5 places), Nanosciences (18 places), Neuroscience (5 places). In Florence Political sciences and Sociology (11 places).

All courses last three years, except those in Methods and models for Molecular Sciences, Nanosciences, Neuroscience and Political science and Sociology which have a four-year duration; the beginning of the courses is scheduled for 1 November 2016.

The teaching is in English; the following courses are also held in Italian: “Cultures and Societies of Contemporary Europe”, “Cultures and Societies of Modern Europe”, “Philosophy”and “Sciences of antiquity”.

It is possible to apply by the 15 March or by the 30 August.

To apply: