Message sent on Sunday 28 March.

We represent you briefly the main indications that we have adopted following the very recent entry of the Tuscany Region into the red zones and which will be contained in a decree of the Director of imminent issue.

These indications, which have also been defined accordingly with the Regional University Committee of Tuscany, are operational from Monday March 29th, and will remain in force until the current situation of the Tuscany Region persists. Given the high-risk pandemic situation, all of us are required to increase the level of attention to the use of masks, social distancing and hand washing and to avoid unnecessary movement.

The SNS activities are therefore regulated by the following basic indications:


1. With the exception of the provisions listed in point 2 below, all didactic, training and curricular activities, including lessons, readerships, seminars, exams and for the achievement of academic qualifications, student reception and other meetings with outsiders take place remotely, electronically, regardless of the year of the study course and the number of students attending.

2. Practical and / or experiential activities such as laboratory activities can be carried out in the presence, in compliance with anti-contagion rules, as well as the following:
- curricular internships of study courses that are not actually completely feasible at a distance, subject to certification by the reference teachers;
- other experiential didactic activities that are difficult to substitute remotely, subject to the attestation of the reference teachers (ex didactic laboratories and laboratories aimed at the realization of the degree, doctoral and specialization thesis);
- access to the study rooms (see "Use of common areas" below);
- access to library and archive services for SNS professors, postdocs, doctoral students, postgraduate students, research contractors, fellows and undergraduates (see "Library and Archive" below)


Research activities continue, even in the presence, to the extent and in the manner compatible with the current health emergency situation and in absolute compliance with the health provisions in force and the regulations existing in the various laboratories of the SNS (DVR-COVID).


These services will carry out its activities in accordance with their guidelines. The Library and Archive  opening services to the external users (not SNS) are suspended. The services for SNS professors, researchers, postdocs, graduate students, postgraduate students, contractors, fellows and undergraduates, as well as the library loan service, remain active.


The canteen will remain open in the usual manner for the categories that can benefit from it at the moment. We recommend once again the use of the meal reservation system (

COMMON SPACES and study rooms

Students of the ordinary course and of the PhD course can access the classrooms and study rooms only by booking via the MySNS App or by accessing the web page, and only if strictly necessary for their study needs.

We remind you that will be required a self-certification certifying the reasons for the move to go to the SNS places.

Table of all the provisions that apply in the different pandemic situations (yellow, orange and red areas)