Unveiling Galaxies at Cosmic Dawn That Were Hiding Behind the Dust 27 Settembre 2021

Scientists serendipitously discover two heavily dust-enshrouded galaxies that formed when the Universe was only 5% of its present age.

Pisa, 23 september 2021.

Admission to the Scuola Normale Superiore only with the Green Pass 2 Settembre 2021

The Green Pass, in electronic or paper format, must be shown to the porter's lodge staff on entering the SNS buildings.

A Normale’s PhD Candidate’s team wins the “Innovation 4 Change 2021” programme with a project for the animal well-being. 14 Luglio 2021
Mario Bernardi, 2nd year PhD student in Nanoscience, is the main representative of Farmelody, a business concept developed during the MBA carried out in collaboration with Scuola Normale and Collège des Ingénieurs Italia. The project will be presented in September to the entrepreneur and innovation guru Elon Musk.
The Bargello Museum hosts a space of the Scuola Normale dedicated to nanotechnology. 31 Maggio 2021

From June, the NEST Laboratory will be operating its own research point in the Sala dei Bronzetti for the analysis of the collections of bronzes and medals.

May a micro RNA molecule sign the gap between the brain of placental mammals and the other vertebrates? 31 Maggio 2021
According to the study coordinated by the Scuola Normale Superiore and the University of Pisa, the micro RNA mir-541 may participate in the formation of the corpus callosum, the major connection system between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which is absent in all other vertebrates.
Origin of the galaxies: NASA selects the Normale project for the first cycle of observations of the James Webb Space Telescope. 27 Aprile 2021
The largest space telescope ever constructed, the James Webb (JWST), is to be launched on 31st October from a locality in French Guiana. The experiment presented by the Cosmology group led by Andrea Ferrara will be studying the formation and evolution of the first galaxies, around   13 billion light years away from Earth. Out of the 286 research ce…
350k€ to INTA Systems, spin-off of the NEST Laboratory, from Eureka! and A11 Venture 15 Aprile 2021
INTA Systems, the first spin-off of the NEST Laboratory of “Scuola Normale Superiore” Unversity of Pisa and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-NANO) closes its first seed investment with Eureka! and A11 Venture. With 350k€, INTA will bring a novel device for molecular diagnostics on the market.