A Summer school of the EELISA network, organized in the Archaeological and landscape Park of the Valley of the Temples 3 Ottobre 2022
Promoted by professor Gianfranco Adornato it will take place from the 26 September. Students from Universities which are part of the European network will participate.
The European Union is to fund a research project of the Scuola Normale to study turbulence in fluids 14 Settembre 2022

“Noise in Fluids”, presented by Professor Flandoli, full professor of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, has been awarded a funding of over 1 million 700 thousand euros by the European Research Council, with the Scuola Normale as the institution hosting the project, w

Scuola Normale ranks 27th in the world and is the only Italian university in the first 200 according to RUR World University Rankings 19 Maggio 2022

The 2022 edition of the international ranking that analyzes the performances of 829 university institutes using data provided by the US firm Clarivate Analytics has been published. The second Italian university ranks 230th.

The secrets of drugs (and beyond) unveiled by a laser beam 16 Maggio 2022

For the first time the molecular organization of a drug has been deciphered without interfering with its structure.

The first molecular orbital theory for molecules interacting with quantum light 15 Marzo 2022

Molecular orbital theory is known to be a fundamental tool to rationalize and predict electronic properties and reactive pathways of molecular systems in chemistry.

A patent from the Scuola Normale has been selected for the Dubai Expo 2 Marzo 2022

The PISA platform, developed by the Biology Laboratory run by Professor Cattaneo, will participate in the final competition of the “Intellectual Property Award 2021” announced by the Ministry of Economic Development.

“Conversi Prize” awarded to Tommaso Pajero, PhD in Physics at Scuola Normale 24 Febbraio 2022

Pajero will receive the award for the best doctoral thesis in the field of subnuclear physics on 19 May at the INFN in Rome. The thesis was discussed under the supervision of Michael J. Morello.

A researcher of the Scuola Normale Superiore wins EU funding for the investigation of Galactic superwinds. 11 Gennaio 2022

Stefano Carniani, of the SNS Cosmology and Astrophysics Group, has secured 1 million 200 thousand euros in the form of an ERC Starting Grant, with a scientific project aiming to study the winds emitted by super-massive black holes, aided