The guidelines for applying the DPCM of 3/11/2020 6 Novembre 2020
It is hereby announced that from 5 November 2020 the Regional Coordination Committee of the Universities of Tuscany has established the guidelines for applying the DPCM of 3/11/2020.
Data Science. How Scientists select their research topics 2 Settembre 2020
Paper in the Journal Scientific Reports a team of researches affiliated with the Scuola Normale, the Scuola Sant'Anna, the University of Bologna and the Pennsylvania State University. Contemporary science is a quintessentially social enterprise.
Protecting and Defending Academic Freedom: A Way Towards Solidarity 30 Giugno 2020
We publish an article from Dr Sevgi Doğan about the risk condition affecting scholars around the world due to war or civil conflicts. The Scholars at Risk (SAR) international network has been founded in 1999 to protect these people. The Scuola Normale has been a member of SAR since 2018 and, if the pandemic emergency will allow it, will host in Dec…
New decree for the management of the emergency in Phase 3 at the SNS 20 Giugno 2020

Considering the latest regional ordinances and the Prime Minister's Decree of 11 June 2020, a

Stefano Massei wins the Householder prize. 19 Giugno 2020
The prize is assigned for the best PhD thesis in numerical linear algebra. This is the first time it is bestowed upon an Italian. Massei was a student of the Phd course in Mathematics at the Scuola Normale from 2017 to 2019.
Notice: Donations Covid-19 6 Aprile 2020
Free collection of funds by the Scuola Normale Superiore to be donated to the Pisan University Hospital or to the Careggi University Hospital. Deadline April 30, 2020.
New Coronavirus: information for students abroad 1 Aprile 2020

We will publish here any useful information for students in mobility abroad as received from Italian authorities and other entities (this page is also available in Italian, CLICK HERE).