Petition in support of Belarusian students and scholars and of academic freedom 9 Aprile 2021
(SAR Italy), in agreement with the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI), signed a petition letter addressed to the Belarusian presidency to express the deepest concern about the attacks against the academic community in the country.
Evidence of New Physics from a Fermilab experiment. 8 Aprile 2021
A new measurement of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon was revealed yesterday. The collaboration of physicists that performed the measurement includes Alberto Lusiani, employed at Scuola Normale Superiore and associated to the Italian INFN.
Origin of the galaxies: NASA selects the Normale project for the first cycle of observations of the James Webb Space Telescope. 7 Aprile 2021
The largest space telescope ever constructed, the James Webb (JWST), is to be launched on 31st October from the European spaceport of Kourou, in French Guiana. The experiment proposed by the Cosmology group led by Andrea Ferrara will be studying the formation and evolution of the first galaxies, around 13 billion light years away from Earth. The Sc…
Particle Physics: new precision measurement of the muon anomalous magnetic moment 24 Marzo 2021
On 7 April, Fermilab near Chicago will host an international seminar to unveil the results of an experiment involving about 200 scientists from all over the world, who are searching for evidence of new fundamental particles or forces that are still unknown.The international team of scientists also includes a researcher from Scuola Normale Superiore…
QS Rankings by Subject: The Scuola Normale ranks second and third in Italy in "classical disciplines” and "mathematical sciences" respectively 8 Marzo 2021
The rankings by academic discipline drawn up by the Quacquarelli Symonds agency have been published. The Scuola Normale also scores well in Physics and Astronomy: sixth in Italy and 129th worldwide.
The Scuola Normale Superiore signs the SAR Italy petition in support of Boğaziçi University 4 Marzo 2021
The Italian section of Scholars at Risk (SAR Italy) has sent a petition to the President of the Republic of Turkey expressing our concern for the appointment as a rector of Prof. Melih Bulu, known for ties to the ruling conservative AK Party.
For PhD students of the Faculty of Sciences: an opportunity to broaden their educational scope by adding business skills. 17 Dicembre 2020
From 18 December until 15 January, Ph.D students enrolled in the first year of the three-year courses or in the second year of the four-year courses can apply for the Science & Management MBA programme resulting from an agreement between the Normale and the Collège des Ingénieurs – Italia.
Accurate theoretical modeling unravels profound changes in molecules that interact with quantum light 7 Dicembre 2020
An international team of researchers - for Italy, of Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) and Istituto per i Processi Chimico-Fisici of CNR (IPCF-CNR) in Pisa - has demonstrated that properties of molecules undergo large changes when interacting with quantized electromagnetic fields in optical cavities. The work has now been published in Physical Review…